Organ Baby #2

Being pregnant with our 2nd child has been a completely different experience for me than when I was pregnant the first time around, and I am not talking just physical symptoms.  At times I feel a little guilty about how uninvolved I seem to be with this pregnancy. I know that sounds incredibly silly, after all I will be carrying this child in me for 9 months!

With my first pregnancy, I kept a very detailed journal. I would write in it every couple of days and report about every single kick, doctor's appointment, emotion felt, gift received, etc. Every week Mike and I would open the baby book to see what size fruit the baby was at that time. I read numerous books on the birth process, breastfeeding, taking care of and raising a newborn, etc. We took every class that was offered to new parents and we interviewed numerous pediatricians. I spent hours on the nursery: planning, shopping, hand making & sewing items. And as much time as I spent making the nursery perfect, I spent even more time just researching what products to put on the baby registry. Most importantly we had the perfect baby named picked out.

From the time I peed on that little stick I don't think I ever forgot that I was pregnant. There was a constant joy and excited energy that surrounded me at all times.

Now we come to pregnancy #2...
We have not done any of those things. I mean not ONE! A pregnancy journal, what's that? I have no idea if the baby is the size of an avocado or a grapefruit. Another parenting book or class, who's got the time? And besides our first one survived right? You get the picture and that is where the guilt sneaks in. I am busy and preoccupied just with taking care of McKinley and keeping a household. Often times I forget that I am pregnant until the baby kicks or my belly runs into something.

One thing that hasn't changed is the joy and excitement that comes along with being pregnant. I am incredibly excited about this little blessing and I can't wait to see our little family of three become a crazy family of four.

This past week was my 20 week check-up and ultrasound. Even my ultrasound experience was completely different from the first pregnancy. When we were pregnant with McKinley, Mike and I were in a quiet exam room, watching every flicker on the screen, wanting to know what every little thing was and was it normal. This ultrasound was a little chaotic. We were trying to entertain a talkative and inquisitive 21 month old while also trying to pay attention to the baby on the screen. At one point during the ultrasound I looked away from the monitor to check on McKinley and found Mike working (texting or sending an email) on his phone. For a split second this momma was not very happy, but I laugh about it now because I realize that this time around things are just different and that is okay.

Finally, the real reason for this post. The profile picture of our little peanut:

Some of you may be wondering if we are having a little boy or a little girl, well we are too! We have decided not to find out the sex of this baby. Everyone (including us) will just have to wait until Baby Organ decides to make his/her appearance sometime in the middle of June.