McKinley & Mia- Our Girls

How can you not LOVE these faces!?! I took these pictures a few weeks back, hoping I would be able to use them as Christmas gifts. Thankfully a handful of them were good enough to use and here are a few of my favorites:


Dress Up Anyone?


Someone is in HEAVEN!

Our Merry Little Christmas

We arrived home in Tennessee the Friday evening after Christmas. Even though Christmas was officially over, our little family of four had a little more celebrating to do. The girls absolutely loved finding what Santa had brought them!

Big sister painting little sister's nails.

Lipstick anyone?

No really, hold still so I can cover you in pretend lipstick!

We decided that after a couple hours of playing with the toys Santa brought, it was best to get a good nights sleep and let the girls open their final few presents from Momma and Daddy in the morning.

Johnson Family Christmas Photo Shoot 2013

And here they are...
 The 2013 Johnson Family Funny Photos.
We will call this "The Year of the Mustache:)"



Johnson Family Christmas 2013

Christmas morning/day was spent with the Johnson side of the family. Our morning started by checking out the loot that Santa brought, followed by a yummy breakfast, then opening presents and finally digging through our stockings.

Now that McKinley is two and a half years old, it made Christmas so much more fun this year! She loved every gift she received. Whether small or big, stickers or play kitchens, she was excited about everything!
How we deal with Santa and traveling:
Mike and I have decided that it is silly to pack up any of the girl's Christmas gifts and take them to Searcy to open. Only to pack them back up and bring them right back home. We don't have the room in our car and frankly, they get so much from others, our gifts are not missed. With all that said, I don't want them to miss out on the joy of finding something from Santa on Christmas morning.
So my original plan for Santa this year (especially now that McKinley is catching on to the whole Santa thing) was to set out two small gifts and on Christmas morning the girls would find them with a note that explained that Santa left their big gifts at home in Tennessee.
Like I said, that was my original plan:) Then Gabbo found the perfect gift at a consignment store, a Minnie Mouse Kitchen. I mean you have Minnie Mouse plus a kitchen, for two little girls what could be better than that!?! So for this one year Santa brought the girls a larger present to Arkansas, that stayed in Arkansas:)

Merry Christmas!


Shane and Sara have arrived! Now it is time for stockings.
I absolutely LOVE our stocking tradition. Each year we draw names to see whose stocking we are going to have to stuff. Then we have the whole year to collect stocking stuffers. The rules are simple, you can not pay for anything that goes in the stocking and you can not reuse things you received the year prior. So all your stocking stuffers have to be FREE! This tradition has been so much fun.

Sara and Shane brought a few gifts for the girls. The Barbies and dress up were definitely a huge hit! 

Here are some of the final pictures taken on Christmas Day. It was such a fun and memorable Christmas 2014!