Daddy's Little Girl


Fall Family Photo Shoot 2012

When we were in Arkansas for Thanksgiving we asked my Mom if she would take some pictures of our little family. I waited to share them with everyone because we were using some of the pictures for Christmas cards and Christmas gifts. Then I had a major case of "pregnancy brain" and completely forgot about them. So here are a few pics of my amazing family!

Thanks Mom for taking these great photos!

Not a Baby Anymore!

This past weekend we experienced yet another milestone in the Organ household. Our sweet little girl finally transitioned from her infant car seat to a big girl convertible car seat. It seems like only yesterday that she was taking her first ride in that car seat as we were bringing her home from the hospital....sniff, sniff!

Our Graco 35 infant car seat has served us well and is now being cleaned and stored away, but only for a little while. Come June it will yet again be installed in the family car for baby #2.

McKinley is now enjoying her new big girl car seat.

McKinley's Holiday Photo Shoot

This is what happens when we leave McKinley with Grammy for a few hours so we can run errands...
an impromptu holiday photo shoot.
We may have to go run errands more often:) 


I just love this girl!
Thanks Grammy for the great pictures!

Kyle Is Gettin' Hitched!

Well it looks like we are going to have to sell this bib and burn this picture:)
My little brother is officially off the market. Over the holidays Kyle proposed to his sweet girlfriend!
Congratulations Kyle and Mary K!

Snow Days

While we were in Arkansas for the Holidays, McKinley got to experience her first snow. It actually snowed 6 inches on Christmas night and then we spent the next two days playing in it! What a great way to end the Holidays!
Snow Day #1
Somebody was excited about the snow!

Dressed and ready to play.

As much as McKinley loved being pulled in the sled...

I think she loved sledding down the hill even more!


Being silly with Aunt BJ.

Snow Day #2

"Hmmm, what is this round thing?"

"Look Mom a snowball!"

I think somebody really LOVED playing in the snow!

Christmas #3

This year, to make things a little easier, we decided to have 3 different Christmases. One with the Organ Family, one with the Johnson Family and then one with our little family of 3.5:)
We realized that even though the previous Christmas was amazing, McKinley was overwhelmed by the amount of gifts. We also realized that is was silly for us to bring all of McKinley's gifts to Searcy, just to have her open them and then bring them right back to Nashville.
When my siblings and I were young we always travelled 6 hours to my Grandparents house for Christmas. I am sure we were limited on car/trunk space as it was, plus we would be bringing back all the new gifts we would be getting from family. So we were always told that Santa was going to leave gifts for us at our home while we were away. We would get all loaded into the car to go to my Grandparents and one of my parents would go back in the house to set out all of our gifts from Santa. Once we arrived back home after the Holidays it was so much fun running into the house to see what Santa had left!
So this year we decided to ask Santa to leave McKinley's gifts in Nashville. When we arrived home from Arkansas, this is what she found...

Early morning family photo:)

McKinley loves her new play house!


Time to open some gifts!

Stickers were one of McKinley's favorite things this Christmas.

Somebody was exhausted!

We would like everyone to meet the newest member of our family, Janelle Ireland. We are calling her "Elle". This was one of McKinley's favorite gifts this Christmas. Honestly, I was beyond thrilled when McKinley opened her first Cabbage Patch Kid! Thanks Uncle Rob, Aunt Maya and Serkan!
McKinley is upset in this photo because we were making her sit for a picture instead of opening the doll:)