Introducing Mia Elizabeth- The Birth

On June 12, 2013 Mike and I welcomed another little girl into this world and our sweet little family of three grew to be an even sweeter family of four.

Everyone patiently waiting for baby Mia to arrive.

Our little photographer and her sidekick.
To pass time we were placing bets on whether the baby would be a girl or boy.
It is 1:15pm and time to start pushing!

15 minutes later Mia Elizabeth entered the world at 1:32pm. (It was hectic and 1:35 on the clock was the best/quickest picture we could get)
8lbs. 7oz of pure joy!

We were lucky not only to have Dr. Saig deliver both McKinley and Mia, but we also had the same nurse for the delivery of both of our girls.
Dr. Saig

Nurse Ashley


Taking a moment to announce Mia's arrival to the world.
What a long day, but this was definitely worth every second!

It's A Girl!

Mia Elizabeth Organ was born on June 12, 2013 at 1:32 in the afternoon. She weighed 8lbs. 7oz.and was 21 inches long.
We are so excited to welcome another sweet little girl into our family!

Crockett Park Family Photos

Back in April, the amazing Darci Belville took pictures of our (then) little family of three. She did such a great job!
I was 7.5 months pregnant, McKinley was a couple weeks short of turning two and these were some of the last family pictures taken with her as our only child. I am so happy that we will have these everlasting memories from this special time in our lives.