Easter Egg Hunt

Every year our church hosts an Easter Egg Hunt. Due to yucky wet weather, this year's Hunt was held indoors.
On our way to find some eggs!
 McKinley was a little overwhelmed by the amount of kids and parents frantically grabbing plastic eggs...
but she quickly got the hang of it and started adding eggs to her basket.

Examining her eggs. She doesn't realize that there is candy inside, she just loves the fact they make noise when you shake them:) 
After the hunt there was even time to play with friends and have a few snacks.
Somebody had a lot of fun hunting for eggs!

Happy Easter!

It was a very hectic, but happy Easter morning at the Organ house. Church was great and we loved listening to McKinley sing to all the "big people" songs during service. After church we enjoyed a wonderful brunch at Southside Grill and then headed home so McKinley could find her Easter basket.
McKinley showing off her Easter dress.

 Someone was very excited about their Easter Basket!
Checking out all the goodies...

We hope everyone had a very happy Easter!


Meet Me In St. Louis

We recently traveled to St. Louis to visit my cousin, Maya, and her family. Maya and I are very close. I would say we are more like sisters than cousins. When we found out a couple years ago that we were both pregnant at the same time we were thrilled. I know we are both hoping that our kiddos will grow up and have the same type relationship that their mommas share.

Our trip to St. Louis was very short but a lot of fun. McKinley loved getting to play with "Kerkan". They are only 2 weeks apart in age and got along great!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend...

Let's play ball!

Spending a little quality TV time together.
A little play time at The Magic House.

We tried having them pose together for a picture. This was the best shot we got.

This was the second best shot:) Oh 2 year olds!
Watching the bottling process at Fitz's.

Goodbyes are never easy!