McKinley Visits the Library

A few weeks ago McKinley experienced yet another first...her first visit to the library. I was a little surprised that she was much more interested in the puzzles, magazines, puppets, etc. and didn't really pay attention to the actual books.

She did make a new friend who was trying to encourage her to read:)

A week later, McKinley visited the library for her second time. We made a little bit of progress on this visit. I think I got her to sit still and look at a whole 2 pages of a book:)

Our next library adventure will be Wednesday morning story hour. I have no idea if this crazy toddler will love it or be clawing at the door to escape:)


Back in February Mike and I, along with six of our closest friends, took a little vacation to Belize. We stayed on a little Island off the mainland of Belize called Caye Caulker. The island is only 5 miles long, 1.2 miles wide and it has a population of 1,300. The motto of the island is "Go Slow" and it could not be more fitting.
There are no vehicles on the island so your 3 options for transportation are: Golf Cart (not necessary for tourists), bicycles or walking. The only time we used a golf cart was when we first arrived on the island. The rest of our time on the island we rode bicycles or walked. We stayed at The Iguana Reef Inn and it was by far the best hotel on the island. It was very clean, very hospitable and very quiet.
There is not a lot to do on the island, but that is one of the things I LOVED about his vacation. There is of course snorkeling and scuba diving, which was the main reason for us picking the location. All of our husbands are certified scuba divers and Belize is ranked one of the best spots in the world for scuba diving. But mostly the wives did the same thing everyday while the guys were diving: eat breakfast, relax by the pool and read, go on a bike ride, relax by the pool and read, eat lunch, relax by the pool and read and then go eat dinner.
The food was really good, especially the dinners. Lunch was average and seemed to be the same no matter where you went, but the dinners for the most part were amazing!
So that is the overview of our trip, now here are the pictures:
(Mike and I did not take all of these pictures. There are several taken by others on the trip.)
The Island



The Hotel: Iguana Reef Inn


Diving & Snorkeling

This is our afternoon snorkel trip. Jana was so nice to model the attire.
Yep, those are sharks and sting rays! And this 5 month pregnant (crazy) lady jumped in and snorkeled with them. I couldn't let Mike have all the fun:)
The Friends 

 The Food
The next few pictures were taken at our favorite restaurant on the island, Habeneros. Our main entrees were amazing and the desserts were even better!!! I wish we would have eaten here earlier in the week because we would have definitely gone back.
We ate at Sandro's twice while in Caye Caulker. They served some of the best Italian food I have ever eaten!

I had to include this next picture! This was probably the worst thing we ate on the island and poor Mike was the one who ordered it. It was supposed to be Key Lime Pie but it was far from it. There is no way to possibly describe it except absolutely horrible, but it made for a good laugh!
Our last hour on the Island:(
We LOVED our time spent in Caye Caulker, Belize! I would recommend this destination to anyone who enjoys a nice relaxing vacation. I can't wait to plan our next visit!