In a previous post (like two months ago) I announced that I had some exciting news. So here it is...

I have started my own business called Healing Touch Massage. I am able to offer massage in my own home (just until I have enough clientele to rent out my own space somewhere) and I will also be doing out-calls where I can come to your home.

I am really excited about this new path! I love what I do and I especially love my clients!

I have been a therapist for 7 1/2 years and I am licensed and insured. My specialties are Therapeutic Massage & Pre-Natal Massage. I am really excited about being able to offer Pre-Natal Massage. I just purchased the BodyCushion System which allows pregnant clients to be able to lay face down for a portion of the massage. I have been a pre-natal therapist since 2004 and every mother tells me how nice it is to use the cushion system instead of having to lay on their side.

For safety reasons, massages will be offered to ladies only. Massages are 60 minutes or 90 minutes in length and pricing is as follows:

At My Home:
60 Minute Massage= $60
90 Minute Massage= $90

*At Your Home:
60 Minute Massage= $75
90 Minute Massage= $105
*a $10 fee will be added for any location over a 10 mile radius from Brentwood

My business relies solely on referrals. In order to show my appreciation I offer a referral credit of $5 off any massage for each new client you refer to me.

Contact me if you would like to make an appointment or for more information.

Organ Family Vacation Part 3: The Fountain

So here is the final post from the Organ Family Vacation. It is from one of our last evenings in Port St. Lucie. Amy found this great sushi restaurant that everyone wanted to try. The plan was after eating a wonderful dinner, we would grab ice cream and then head across the courtyard to an area that had fountains for Easton (& Mike) to play in.

He can't resist...ever! But that is why I love him:)

Please take note of the child in the dark t-shirt standing behind Mike. He is the one who eventually pooped in the fountain bringing all of our water fun to an end.

Here are the pictures of Easton in the fountains. There were so many that I had to put it in a slide show.

What a great place to spend a week with family. I can't wait to see where we go next year!

Organ Family Vacation Part 2: Golf

One of the main reasons we vacation in Port St. Lucie is so that the boys can play golf. This year the ladies even got in on the fun. This was my first time ever to play golf and I loved it!

Even though the men played pretty much everyday, I think the only time a camera was taken out on the course were the two days I played. I wanted to get a picture of the 3 guys in their golf get-ups, but I guess there is always next year. So here are a few pics I did get:

Round 1:

These are pictures from the first day I played golf. Phil, Amy, & Easton had a day to themselves. So while Dennis, Mike & I played, Sherry rode in the cart to cheer us along or maybe she came for a little laugh at my first attempt at the sport.

If you notice in the picture I actually missed the ball, and if you look closely enough you can see the chunk of grass that I took out of the tee box.

Round 2:

This round of golf was played the very last day of our vacation. The grandparents were nice enough to entertain Easton so the big kids could go play.

I had to include this picture. This was my tee shot on whole number 7!

The last few pictures are of a couple alligators that inhabit the water hazards on the course. Every year we go it is always fun to look for the alligators. This year they waited until the last day of our vacation to show up.

Organ Family Vacation Part 1: Dinner, Pool, & Beach

This past week was our annual Organ Family Vacation. Since Mike & I have dated we have been lucky enough to take a vacation with his family almost every year. Unfortunately not all the Organs could be there. Mike's brother David & his wife Belinda couldn't make it this year. They were missed, but we can't wait to go visit them in Switzerland!

For this year's vacation we ventured back to good ole' Port St. Lucie, Florida. Port St. Lucie is located about 45 minutes from West Palm Beach. Seven years ago while vacationing here Mike & I drove to West Palm Beach for the day and that is where he proposed. So Port St. Lucie will always hold a special place in my heart.

This trip was like any other Port St. Lucie vacation: pool, shop, & golf. We love vacationing here. With so little to do it leaves a lot of time to relax.


Our second night in Port St. Lucie we ate dinner at Mulligans, a fun outdoor restaurant.

This picture was taken to show the likeness of Phil's "Real Soul Patch" & Easton's "Cookie Soul Patch"

As we are walking back to the car after dinner Mike decides he wants his picture taken with this gigantic crawfish. And just in case you are wondering he only had water to drink for dinner:)

Pool Time:

Easton showing off his 3 tattoos & his muscles.

I think this was as close to a family group shot that we got.

Beach Time:

After I uploaded this picture it reminded me of the show "Two and a Half Men." Need I say more?

Funny Faces

I am currently working on the Organ Family Florida Vacation blog post, but here is a teaser. One night after dinner Uncle Mike & Easton decided they wanted to be goofy in front of the camera and here is the outcome. Enjoy!