McKinley And Her Pregnant Momma



Pregnancy Update

Now that I am current on all my blog postings, I thought I would write a little something about this pregnancy. We are definitely in the final days and we can't wait to finally meet this new little addition to our family!
Overall, I have felt great throughout the pregnancy. The first trimester I definitely experienced "morning sickness" ten times more that when I was pregnant with McKinley. At one point during the first trimester I told Mike I would NOT be having any more children. This would be my last! Now that I am a few months removed from that point in the pregnancy my feelings have changed:)
In many ways this pregnancy has been so much like my first pregnancy, but in many ways it is so different too.
The similarities:
1. weight gain
2. body/belly shape
3. overall feeling
The differences:
1. Hardly any sciatic pain!!! I am almost positive this is due to the fact that up until last week  I was still working out.
2. Movement: this baby has been trying burst out of my belly for weeks now. If I had to pick one thing making me uncomfortable this pregnancy it would be that.
3. I now have an "outie" belly button!
4. Food cravings
Here are a few pictures to document this pregnancy:)
This is the only picture we have taken to purposefully show my belly growth (39 weeks and 1 day) throughout the entire pregnancy. 
Boot Camp Momma:
With the exception of my 1st trimester, I have attended boot camp on average of 3 days per week this entire pregnancy.

My food cravings:
Obviously I craved sweets and wasabi peas:)

At our last doctors appointment we were told the baby is in the proper position for delivery and I was already progressing nicely. So our bags are packed and we are just waiting for nature to take its course!
I feel less prepared for the arrival of this little one even though we have done this once before. Thankfully we do have names picked out for both a boy and a girl and even though we are not telling, I will tell you that they are "M" names:)