"Big Sister" Gifts

Over the past week I have been asking for suggestions and scouring the internet for "Big Sister" gift ideas. Mike and I both agreed that we wanted to get something "special" for McKinley, but being that she is only 2 years old, what really defines "special" for a 2 year old? Also, she just had a birthday and got plenty of new toys.

Originally I wanted to get her a piece of jewelry, but I quickly realized I wanted something she could enjoy now without me constantly saying "Don't pull on that", "Don't chew that", "Don't lose that", etc.

A new baby doll seemed like the perfect idea except she already has three (which she loves), and I didn't think a fourth would be that "special".

So, after much thought, we finally picked a few special "Big Sister" gifts and here they are...
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"Big Sister" Books:
There were lots of  "big sister" books to choose from. I chose the following 2 books based solely on the online reviews. Once these arrive in the mail, we plan on opening them immediately and reading them to M hoping this will help prepare her for the arrival of a little sibling.

Outfit for the Hospital:
This was definitely not a necessity, but once I saw this set of scrubs they were too cute to pass up. Also, McKinley will love getting to wear a new outfit to the hospital and the best part...it can double as her Halloween costume!

Doctor's Kit:
Of course you can't wear scrubs to a hospital without having your own Doctor's kit! We will give her this once she has met the new baby. Hopefully it will keep her busy for at least a few minutes:)

Puzzle Book:
This is something to keep her occupied while she is at the hospital for her visits. She will get to open this during her second visit.

Diaper Bag:
This will be the one gift she will open once we come home from the hospital. We thought it would be the perfect thing to keep her busy and make her feel included while we are taking care of the new baby.